I’m here to call you to a deeper place…

where you can clean the filters over your heart and remove the debris left by pain, loss, disappointment, trauma and more.

A clean filter helps you see more clearly. It lets more love and light in, and more joy and creativity out.

The Path of Transformation

Week 1

The Wounded Child & The Wonder Child

wound//n: an injury to the heart caused by angry or hurtful words, a painful act or trauma,  in which one’s feelings  are hurt, or one is wounded or broken.

wonder //n: the state of being delighted by the ordinary, the beautiful or the miraculous in oneself and everyday life.

Week 3

Finding Your Place in your family -Family Culture, Roles & Favourites 

Families have culture, roles, organizational structure, hierarchies and history. You have consciously or unconsciously bought into or rebelled against your family of origin.

Understanding your family is crucial to getting your core needs met both inside and outside the family.

Week 5

Healing from Rejection, Neglect and Abandonment

The scars from rejection and abandonment can be deep and pervasive. The impact of neglect is sometimes harder to identify but it can be just as damaging.

You may find yourself anticipating negative outcomes at home, work or in your social circles.

HeartHealers will help you heal from neglect, abandonment and rejection and move forward in all areas of your life.

Week 7

Overcoming Toxic Thinking

Life wounds give birth to toxic thoughts. The words, actions or events that hurt your hearts also affects your mind.

Toxic thoughts are negative, limiting, demoralizing, fear-based or anxiety-inducing. Over time they develop into negative inner tapes that continually play in your head.

Learn to become a noble thinker.

Week 9

Radical Self-Care & The Art of Self-Love

As you heal your heart, transform your thinking and gain more clarity, you will be ready to discover how-to’s of self-love.

Radical self-care is self-love in action.

You will learn how to champion yourself, be your own inner coach and  priorize your needs and wants.

Week 11

Return To Wonder & Unlock Wisdom

Your life wounds may have caused you to lose tough with joy, serenity and delight in everyday living.

Heart Healers takes you on a journey of healing and transformation that helps you reconnect with play, creativity, spontaneity and soul-deep happiness.

In this state, you will be wise and you will know the best choices to make and the right paths to take.

Week 2

Healing The Mother/Father Wound

A Father/Mother Wound can be deeply painful and destructive.

Regardless of whether it is the result of extensive abuse, occasional negligence or physical or emotional absence…it all hurts.

You have needs and longings and an intuitive sense of what parental love should feel like.

Week 4

The False Self & Becoming The Authentic You

Early on, you discovered that you could fit in or be left out based on your behaviours and roles. Are you the star, princesses, invisible one, solver/fixer, underachiever?

Understand how your identity has been shaped. Learn how to become the person you most want to be while still belonging and getting your needs met.

Week 6

Recognizing Emotional Incest & Control and how to make the change.

Your parents, elders or caregivers may get their needs met at your expense.

Or they may exercise emotional, spiritual or physical control over you to a degree that hinders your growth and development.

Learn how to live free of emotional incest and control.

Week 8

Releasing Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs

Over time your negative thinking infuses your thought life with fears and limiting beliefs. The result is a limited capacity to create the life you want.

You may find yourself easily falling prey to the influences of others and living in fear of making wrong choices or decisions.

Your limiting beliefs may prevent you from pursuing that dream – writing a book, having a loving relationship or finding a new job.

A healed heart liberates you to be courageous.

Week 10

Developing a Powerful Voice/ Establishing Boundaries

Your voice is your connector, your defender, your communicator.

It is both a source of power and the most powerful way you express your personal power. You will connect with your truth and have the courage to express your authentic voice.

Voice freedom and voice power are some of the most effective strategies for creating the life, love and success you want.

Discover how to have a clear, strong voice.


Week 12

Reclaiming Your Original Genius

Original Genius n//: your natural bent, innate gifts or talent.

The destination of the HeartHealers journey is to return to wonder, reclaim your original genius and craft an extraordinary life, love, work or business.

And most of all, you will have more love, happiness and success.

What is the state of your heart?

What feedback is life continually giving you?

Is it about your health, relationships, finances, success, voice?

What is the change you need in order to have the life you want?

Our Guiding Philosophy


Renewing my mind so I can play, dream and craft my best life.


Healing my heart so I can blossom from the experiences which once wounded me.


Nurturing my body with clean eating, active living and happiness practices.

Our Guiding Philosophy

Our Guiding Philosophy


Renewing my mind so I can play, dream, create and craft my best life.


Healing my heart so I can blossom from the experiences which once wounded me.


Nurturing my spirit, soul and body well, so I can live a happy and healthy life to 100.

Come as you are but get ready for change.

There is an enormous amount of self-love in saying yes to a time out and choosing to begin a journey like this.

Join me for a Heart Healers Workshop to release and refocus.